Monday, June 30, 2014

Look for the Good

Look for the Good

Everything has a little bit of truth. Even if that which you disagree with glares out at you so much that you can't think about anything else, decide now to choose to look for the good when those moments arise.

Don't just say "you are probably right . . ," following the counsel given to newly married young men. But genuinely believe that there really is something right, because there is. something. that is right, or true, that you can choose to focus on. And look for that little bit. And focus on that little bit that you do see. Focus on the positive instead of whatever glaring negative thing may be staring down at you.

You may just find out after pondering on it a little bit more that there is more truth than you could initially comprehend. And then you will be grateful that you chose to focus on the good during that conversation or experience. You will be grateful to have left on a positive note, rather than in bitter tension filled with regret and remorse.

Either way, if you discover more truth than you initially could discern, or if you remain unchanged, you will become stronger and more confident. You will find more peace within as well as with others and your surroundings.