Monday, June 9, 2014




Unity is not what I thought it was. Oh it is funny. It really is. To have some things be so important to you. So important that they become the focus of your attention, and then, well, not so important--at least not in the same way--not worth fighting over, at least; not worth making a big deal of, or of taking notice of at all. It really is very funny.


Is it agreeing? Or is it agreeing to get along regardless?

Is it agreeing? Or is it letting go when you have every reason to harbor a grudge? When you have every reason to take and hold an offense, or a whole line of offenses? (Man your battleground!) Is it being thankful for the care in all its shapes and forms? Grateful enough to forget, and to not even bother with thinking about the rough edges except perhaps to amuse yourself with the irony? And grateful enough to not even care what has rubbed off on you? haha to not care for the things in yourself that you have despised in others, things that invite rejection combined with edgy and conditional love, and afterward, if you are lucky, amusement, combined with complete appreciation :)

There was a time that I had to know someone's past, someone's story, in order to have compassion. I needed some kind of explanation for 'bad' behavior in order to love those who have offended, or rather, hurt, or cut me in some way or other. It's easy(ier) to love when you know the other person knows and is repentant. Open penitence is always best, at least when the offense has involved you to one degree or another. But when the other person is clueless (or seemingly so), and arrogant, well man your battleground. You've got a storm coming. :) I know I have been on both sides. At first I thought, "oh, well, of course I had it coming to me. I deserve the rejection that I dished out so generously :), so of course it would rub off on me, or I would have my own issue that I might receive the same rejection...a taste of my own punishment. :)."

So funny it is, to learn to love and let go. completely.

So what is unity then?

Is it being on the same page? Or is it knowing your place on the page?

Does unity have its place in perfect function and harmony? Or does it exist as well in . chaos? What matters I think is where you see yourself.

Regardless of the form and function, you have a part to play, and you play a part regardless of whether you think it or not. Do you see yourself on the outside? Or do you see who you are? A part of the whole? Do you appreciate the whole of which you are a part? Or would you destroy it? Would you deny it?

When there are differences. Where is your heart? Is it tender? Or irritable? I suppose the better question is this: where does your heart stay, or land? For differences by nature cause friction, which by nature causes irritation. I have achilles tendonitis. This is a true principle. It is just the way it is. And irritation causes its own problems. But appreciation, sincere love and appreciation for the whole of which you are a part, does that not create unity of a sort--regardless the differences? While the other would divide.

If zion is the "pure in heart", a people "of one heart and one mind," perhaps you can have a zion of a type among people of extreme differences (D&C 97:21; Moses 7:18). Perhaps the one heart and one mind bit can be understood by the way you see yourself, as a part of the whole.

I do believe that a people who dwells in righteousness will have a special unity that is priceless, really, and it cannot be achieved any other way. My heart and soul aches for it. literally. But unity is found in the way you see yourself as part of the whole, as well as in groups of people who share a belief, standard, or way of living.

Perhaps there is more to unity than living in an 'agreeable' manner with your fellowmen. Perhaps it is more than just sharing the same basic beliefs and striving for the same Christlike actions. If you don't see yourself as part of the whole, and appreciate the whole of which you are a part, what does anything else matter?