Monday, September 22, 2014

Faces II

Hope has many faces, showing itself in a number of ways. A web search for the word ‘hope’ brings up images of a small light shining in the depth of musky darkness, of a bright light shining in wide-open beautiful blue skies—a candle, a light, new life, birds in flight, sapling seeds, miracles, and words. Quotes appear to reveal that hope is real. It changes everything. It whispers ‘maybe’ when it seems the entire world is shouting ‘no!’, and doesn’t give in or give up, for it makes the impossible seem reachable. 

It is a fire, a voice, a touch, a choice—that inspires belief, trust, and expectations of a desired state or end—whereby the beacon becomes real in one’s heart and mind.

An anchor to the soul, it is a saving grace. It sets the will to move forward without looking back. It is the belief that the pain will end, and the future will mend. Hope lifts the heart and the mind to aspire to one’s brightest dreams, and continue midst thick and thin, failures and deceit, till the goal has been reached and success achieved.