Sunday, December 14, 2014

There can be miracles, if you BELIEVE

Recap of the week (copied & pasted from my letter to my brother):

I know that in order to have hope for achieving something you must do something about your goal and be determined in reaching it. Faith without works is dead. However, without the atonement such hope would yet be futile for we are yet inadequate. All of us. With faith in Jesus Christ, in His atonement, then there is actually substance to our hope, for that which under no conceivable circumstances would be possible or achievable becomes so through Him. He is our only hope, if you will. Any other focus than the atonement of Jesus Christ will take us away from the beauty of His love and grace, and ultimately destroy our hope, turning us into bitter and unhappy persons, though you may find a certain measure of contentment for settling, if you will, for something which may require less of you--less time, less stress, less thought, less expectations--thinking that perhaps less is actually better, when you really have just given up ... hope ... that in spite of you, the Lord will pull through, if you will just believe and continue in faith.

Today's picture is of a turtle. Can you see it?