Monday, January 5, 2015


Can't you see him? Maybe he was too fast ;) 
This is another picture from the trip to California. I just love the terrain. Since I don't travel cross country all that often and want to keep the pictures fairly recent this may be all you get--desert, beautiful desert, and more to come of nothing but desert. 

I am still visiting my parents to keep from spreading the virus that kept my niece in the hospital with her parents for a few days. As always (I'd like to think :) my dad was prepared with an inspirational thought for Monday's FHE (family home evening). His thought tonight came from Elder Uchtdorf's conference message "Of Things That Matter Most" from an address he gave at the General Conference a few years ago. It's easy to find if you type the key words into your web browser. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of the message though--to slow down during the turbulences of life and focus on the "basic elements necessary for survival."

It's my nature I suppose to check myself and to take a break when I'm longwinded. I'm not immune to the stresses of life though, and have found myself crippled at times for want of some of the essentials I've put on the shelf for later--when I have more time. How to balance? Isn't that always the question? Even the trees know where to put their focus during times of turbulence, "when growing conditions are not ideal." When things are spinning beyond our control, however, it sometimes seems counterintuitive to drop or slow down when of course if we ran just a little bit faster we'd eventually catch up.

Last week's AirAsia tragedy has lessons for us when we'd rather use our autopilots than take time to master the principles of flight. This world is filled with autopilots though. Most people I gather who are trained to entice--for whatever purpose, good or bad--are looking for our autopilots, the stimulus response mechanisms that supposedly make us tick. Unfortunately more often than not, I imagine, they interfere with what would really make us tick, and blind us from the principles that would make us free.

Here I am spinning my wheels at 11:40 though--"I've got to be consistent; I've got to get Monday's post in." Maybe next week you'll see an earlier post, if I can manage to apply today's lesson to this. There are so many facets of life though, to which this lesson can be applied, and I'm grateful for the validation for when I've pulled my breaks to take a breather and ground my roots. I'm more grateful to my Dad for his thoughtfulness in sharing his inspirational thought tonight. There is so much to be grateful for.

Have a great week everybody. And stay healthy if you can :)