Sunday, February 15, 2015

To Love Individually

I believe that God loves us individually. Why? That is the only way to love, as far as I am concerned. To really love, and to find fulfillment in loving. Of course I speak from my own perspective and experience, but, really it is such a beautiful thing.

And I am glad to have experienced and lived solipsism as well as its opposite, genuine appreciation for the life, love, and gifts of my family, friends, and even (fr)enemies--though I still have work to do to appreciate them.

It is hard to believe all the friendships, and even possible friendships, that were thrown away in the days of my ignorance because of changing interests, values, and direction as a youth. It is sad, really, and I've felt bad for my previous apathy for what and/or who I've left behind on my road to ... success? I guess you choose what you do with your time, right, and who you take with you? I am grateful to better understand the value of friendship, however, and the complementarity of different personalities with different ambitions, preferences, and interests, and to come to the realization that there are always things to be celebrated and shared among the different personalities. We have so much more going for us than against us!

As a model of wisdom in making friends with his own opposites, President Lincoln filled his cabinet with people who outspokenly disliked and perhaps even hated him. As a result of his humble wisdom, his days in office are considered by some as the most productive we have seen. What a marvelous example! Thanks to the inspired and devoted saints I worship with, I learned of President Lincoln's strategy for growth and improvement in sacrament meeting just last week--perfect timing for President's Holiday tomorrow. We have so many inspired people to guide us in wisdom and light.

May we focus on the individuals in our lives, and make a deliberate attempt to create individual relationships if they are lacking, and appreciate our diversity as well as our shared values. May we live life to the fullest! Have a glorious week!