Monday, March 16, 2015

Filtered Water--No More Spiders!!!

Today I decided to buy a water bottle to save on buying myself a new gatorade every week or so. Like it's a big deal to buy a drink once a week but yeah. I know. Silly huh? Anyway, I decided to buy a water bottle; I found one--the ÖKO. It's only five dollars and it has a unique filtering system that uses a natural coconut shell to reduce chlorine and enhance taste. I'm not really worried about chlorine in my water and I think my water tastes just fine. It's a stylish bottle for $5 though, and the filtering system is unique. I'm happy about it :)

Okay, I just came across the ÖKO ODYSSEY. Yes I am happy about this purchase, just because it comes from a cool company. The ODYSSEY is a modular 6-in-1 water filtered bottle (2 filters--one for tap and one more advanced for anything else), cup, lantern, flashlight, and emergency strobe light. The ODYSSEY is $50 though and my bottle will only be $5. I'm content with the $5 purchase for now.

Even more interesting than the modular design of the more expensive bottle is the information ÖKO provides for "US Regional Tap Water Conditions (NRDC)" as well as "International 'Improved' Water Conditions in Urban & Rural Settings" ( What an educational site! The FAQs page is not bad as far as instruction goes either (I couldn't help but notice and appreciate as I've been studying all about Instruction and Learning in my master's program so it's kind of fun when stuff like this jumps out at me). Instructional and Learning designers are fans (should be fans) of modularity as well, so that stood out to me too. I'm definitely a fan :)

Perhaps the most useful function of my new water bottle, however, will be in preventing spiders and other little critters from taking baths in my drinking water, as I discovered tonight:

Have a great week everyone, and keep an eye on your water ; )