Monday, July 27, 2015

Pillow Talk

It's been awhile since I've put together a hidden picture blog post. The theme this time is pillow talk. I don't remember what furniture I spotted the boy on, but I remember noticing the man and woman. I was on a phone call with a friend when all of a sudden the faces popped out at me! Can you see them too?!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Immunization Time

A close friend has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks, working through some tough things. It is interesting how hospital staff can sometimes be less than helpful while others are true angels. Or rather just 'human' instead of, well, idk. But I guess immunizations take many shapes and forms...sometimes in the form of a shot and sometimes in the form of personal attacks, or just blind ignorance and/or naivety for that matter. Such 'immunizations' can come from anywhere and anyone though, even loved ones in 'safe' havens, and/or hospitals of various types (medical, spiritual, et al.). And immunizations are good if they make you stronger. Funny thing is that with some 'immunizations' it is your choice whether or not they make you stronger or weaker, whereas the shots always make you stronger because your body's natural reaction to fighting the intruding virus is automatic and healthy, and it has little if anything to do with your conscious choice, if you will.

Just as no one likes the doctor's needle, nobody really likes the other immunizations. They can be painful and irritating, and it takes some time to learn how to successfully fight the intruding viruses in your system (contention, aggression, paranoia, or whatever) before normalizing and gaining resilience. It is worth the pain, though it can be oh so difficult, confusing, and disheartening at times. I guess that is why hope is so important. Without it what reason would you have to keep on trying until you've finally been successful with the immunization and become resilient? At least that's how I see and respond to personal conflict. I take the immunizations when I get them and do my best to become resilient so that in the future I can keep my cool. It's so important to take care of your daily needs though (spiritual, physical, et al.) so that you can have as much of your faculties available to you to help you succeed. Otherwise your efforts will be compromised and you won't be as free to fight off the 'viruses' (or to learn how to do so) in healthy productive ways.

This wasn't what I intended to write but it is what came to mind when I actually started writing. I guess I'll have to write more another day to address the original topic.

Anyway. There is so much more I wish I could say, but this will have to suffice. I'm grateful for the immunizations I've received, even though it took/takes me a long time to accept them, to be grateful for them, and choose to fight the 'intruding viruses' off in healthy ways so that the immunizations can be effective and work their magic.

I just wish that others understood the same principle. Many do. What a difference it would make in the way one approaches challenges and supposed 'set-backs' though, and interpersonal conflicts of any sort. Oh well. I only have responsibility for myself, though I am my brothers' keeper. I guess that's why I keep this blog. I hope that it helps somebody, somewhere.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new week. Have a great new week everyone, and best of luck in making the best of whatever immunizations you are given. Ultimate resiliency really is worth the initial pain, however long it takes to learn to successfully fight off the 'intruding viruses' in a healthy way, at least that's what I believe <3 I'm willing to suck it up. Either suck it up or endlessly suffer. I'd rather suffer for the purpose of becoming resilient through successful immunization rather than to suffer to suffer without hope of eventual freedom. I believe it's possible :)