Sunday, October 18, 2015


Last night my friend and I had the pleasure of joining my parents for the performance of the Orchestra at Temple Square. What life filled the hall! Oh! What a gift! And to think that the performance was free to the public! I look forward to many more performances in the future <3 In the past I have been very caught up with studies and whatnot, leaving the planning of such events to friends and family. I am grateful for all the cultural opportunities I have had; I treasure every single one of them! I feel like I've been missing out though. So much of my life used to be spent in the arts; it was the direction I was headed in until college. It is time to take back that part of my life, even if only in supporting the local talent :) Thanks to all the artists out there who share their love for life in wholesome ways that people like myself can appreciate. Someday I hope to give back. Someday :)