Sunday, March 20, 2016

Questions in the Margins

I'm rereading a book on the life and work, or mission, of Karl G. Maeser--second president of Brigham Young University. The first read was but a skim and I thought it deserved a better read. 

I've pulled one or two quotes out for repeat in previous posts. I thought it would be interesting this time to share some thoughts in the margin of the section: "Teach All Subjects by the Spirit of God."

I think I can sum my questions in the margin into just one question though: Is a positive 'relational' purpose part of the criteria of personal worthiness of the Spirit of God? 

I may leave this open-ended. Or I may explore it with you next week--I'm just a student too. It's interesting to think about though, either way.

Have a good week everyone <3