Monday, July 25, 2016


The 24th of July is a holiday in Utah. The holiday celebrates the pioneers who established this beautiful place so many years back. I love it!

When I was a little girl I often didn't connect with the pioneer stories I would hear in church meetings and activities. They were too far distant to me. I probably connected the most with my great some-odd-great grandmother's story--not that I related at all to her story but I guess I appreciated her more than the others because she was mine <3

I have enough life experience now to appreciate others' pioneer stories better. It seems that the one thing that every pioneer has in common is belief--belief that what they are after is worth what it takes to get there--even if what's sought is just experience. This brings up a whole slew of thoughts because, even for those who don't believe in God or in a spiritual existence, experience is what we're all after--experience of one sort or another. And belief in the value of experience is essential for life and growth. Wow.

Happy Pioneer Day everyone <3