Sunday, October 30, 2016

What would 'their' advocate say?

Question of the day--
What would 'their' advocate say?
All wrapped in defense;
Advocating your own sense.
But your judge is covered
And you, will you be your own judge?

But what of the other--
Left on their own?
Is it fair to take cover
And leave them to mourn?

Must you look in?
Must you look on?
You must let go of you
To let go of wrong.

Where is your advocate
In light of day or dark night?
But where is the others'
In this two-sided plight?

That you don't know
'Till you give up your own.
It's so easy to scorn
When you're already torn.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


This one is a work in progress. It kind of looks like she has mittens on. :)

I drew this lady and the last drawings while watching a General Women's Conference. It amazed me that drawing actually enhanced my listening. :) I forget that one of the reasons I love art is that it's one of the best mediums for multitasking. I'd surely be done with all of the classics by now if I had majored in art. :) It's a good break from my more mentally consuming tasks. And, each piece is in itself a special reward. It's really beautiful to see what life takes shape from the figurative pencil.